Balanced ECC83S, 12AX7, 7025 JJ Electronic preamp tube

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JJ Electronic Balanced ECC83S, 12AX7, 7025 preamp tube

This ECC83S is a double triode, which has two amplifier stages installed. Each amplifier stage usually has completely different values, which brings the production with it.

We measure and select all tubes.

This balanced preamp tube has the same values for both amplifier stages. This is ideal for phase split stages in guitar or hifi amplifiers.

The ECC83 is a robust and excellent preamp tube with high amplification, excellent response and best sound. It is a perfect spare part for any common ECC83, 12AX7 or 7025 tube.

In Europe this tube is called ECC83, in America 12AX7 and at the military 7025. Every time it is the same tube. After the description 12AX7, often you can find abbreviations such as a, C, WA, WB, TT, eh, LPs etc. This is an information which is used by different manufacturers and distributors. The JJ electronic ECC83, which you can buy from us, is therefore interchangeable with each of these types.

Over the years, we have acquired and compared many different preamp tubes in different price regions. More wind is being done about it than there are actually sound differences. The differences are minimal. By using other pickups or other loudspeakers, you can get much more efficient sound differences than the tube exchange. However, if a tube is at the end and does not sound good anymore, it should be replaced, but then it may also be an inexpensive one.

When is the time over for a preamp tube?

Preamp tubes have a significantly higher life expectancy than power amplifier tubes because they are not so heavily stressed. Transports and mechanical stress are the stresses of a tube. A tube in an amplifier in the living room will last much longer than a tube in the guitar amp, which is transported from one stage to the next. Even if the tube still works, the sound will be left after many years. In the course of time, some tubes will also get microphonically.

Not all filaments in tubes are equally bright. A tube that glows slightly weaker can still have the same function as a bright glow. As each preamp tube is tested by us you can be sure that you get the best quality delivered.

RoHS compliant

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