"AMP CONNECT" is the new cable series of

Guitar Speaker Cable

Now you can never again mix your instrument cables with your speaker cables, because the AMP CONNECT series from is different.

There are jack cables to connect your guitar amp to your box. 2x 2.5 mm flexible copper cable for optimum power transfer, without loss and with maximum sound. Robust Neutrik jack plugs, assembled and soldered in Germany by

The cables are available with straight or angled jack plugs and in different lengths. Of course, special lengths are also possible. Many instrument cables and speaker cables look absolutely identical. The likelihood of confusion is great.

Is it not important which cable connects to what?

Absolutely WRONG.

An instrument cable must be shielded and connected between guitar and amplifier. Very small signals are transmitted, shielding is extremely important. The speaker cable is connected between the amplifier and the box. It is transferred a large power, so that a thicker cross section is needed. If an instrument cable is used as a speaker cable, then even the amplifier can be used up, as it behaves like connecting a box with the wrong impedance to an amplifier. In tube amplifiers output transformers, power tubes and anode resistors can be affected.