2X noval tube sockets for PCB boards 18mm

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2 noval tube sockets for PCB boards 18mm

We offer 2 plastic noval sockets.

The sockets are suitable for PCB mounting and have 9 pins. They are very light and in the smallest design.

Due to the small dimensions, these tube sockets can be used in any printed PCB circuit.

The diameter of the connection pins is 18mm.

For which tubes do you need this tube socket?

These sockets are used for pre amp tubes ecc81, ecc82, ecc83, 12ax7, 12au7, 12at7 and power tubes such as the el84. Of course, there are many more tubes with noval tube sockets.

  • 2 pieces
  • Material plastic
  • Noval socket
  • Pins for PCB mounting
  • Suitable for el84, 12ax7, ecc81, 12at7, 12au7, ecc82, ecc83

RoHS compliant