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Baby rattles | grasping toys | homemade

Baby rattles and grabbing toys are very interesting and indispensable baby toys.

They are the perfect first toy for the little ones. They also support the baby's development because they encourage play and feeling. Many mothers buy a baby rattle for their babies when they are born. The little ones have a lot of fun perceiving different noises, shapes and colors while playing and can keep themselves busy.

They also promote fine motor skills and support your baby's hand-eye coordination.

The crocheted structure, which is still nice and soft and cuddly, offers interesting tactical stimuli.

All baby rattles and grasping toys are lovingly crocheted by hand and the laws for toy safety are followed and great importance is attached to quality and care when choosing materials.

Rattles and grasping toys - are perfect gifts for birth or baptism

Rattles or grasping toys are always a great gift for birth, birthday, baptism or other occasions.

Here you will find cute baby toys in the form of bees, strawberries, cute sheep, avodados and cute little turtles. All are filled with rattle balls or crackling foil or both.