Vintage Marshall style strap handle black with gold caps

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Marshall style strap handle black with gold ends

This is a very robust amplifier handle that is also suitable for heavy guitar amps.

The strap handle fits Vintage Marshall and Hiwatt amps and looks great with its gold caps on each amp.

How to install the strap handle?

  • This strap handle is fixed with 4 screws and 4 t-nuts.
  • You drill 4 holes in the housing.
  • The inner distance is 23 cm, the outer distance 25.5 cm.
  • From the back then the 4 t-nuts are hammered in with the hammer.
  • Then the strap handle can be fixed with the 4 screws.
  • Finally, the gold caps are put on.

The 4 screws and t-nuts are included.

  • Vintage strap handle black with gold fittings
  • 4 t-nuts M5
  • 4 countersunk screws M5 2.5cm

RoHS Compliant

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