Tone, volume knobs and the 5-way-switch knob for Stratocaster guitars

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Tone, volume knobs and the 5-way-switch knob

The volume and tone buttons are suitable for Stratocaster guitars from Fender or other manufacturers.

If you want to change the design of your Strat or if you need a spare part, these covers are ideal for you.

Changing the potentiometer buttons is absolutely no problem, just pull the old ones off and push on the new one, for the the 5-way switch it is exactly the same.

Two poti knobs are for the tone control and one is for the volume pot. The material used is plastic.

In the past, the knobs were only available in white. Over the years, the plastic ages and the color becomes more creamy. Many musicians do not want to have white spare parts, the cream-colored look rather aged.

  • poti knobs for the tone
  • 1 poti knob for volume
  • 1 button for the 5-way switch.

We offer the potentiometers and the 5 way switch button in three different colors (white, aged and black).

RoHS compliant

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