Single Coil Pick up Set / Accessory Kit

9.90 €

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Stratocaster accessory kit available in white, aged or black

This accessory kit is suitable for Stratocaster guitars from Fender or other manufacturers.

Perfect if you want to change the design of your guitar or if you need a spare part for your strat.

The single coil pick up covers are just moved on the pickups when you have removed the pickups, changing the cover is absolutely no problem.

The potentiometer knobs are twice for the sound control and once for the volume potentiometer. These can be easily removed and the new one has to be pushed on.

Then there is a small button for the 5-way switch.

The material is made of plastic. Earlier, the covers were only available in white. Over the years, the plastic ages and the color was more creamy.

Many musicians don´t want to have white spare parts, the cream-colored look rather aged.

· 3 single Coil Covers

· 2 poti knobs for the tone

· 1 poti knob for volume

· 1 button for the 5-way switch

We offer the accessory kit in three different colours (in white, aged and black).

RoHS compliant

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