JJ EL34 Electronic Power Tube

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EL34 JJ Electronic Power-Tube

You get a tube EL34 power amp Tube selected.

The JJ EL34 is a very good and robust tube made of European manufacture. It has a very balanced sound and is a good replacement for all common EL34 types.

This JJ EL34 was manufactured in the Slovak Republic and impresses with strong basses, punch in the middle range and clean heights.

A power amplifier tube will loose the good tone during the course of the life. The volume is less the problem, much more the sound. The heights are no longer as beautiful as they once were and the bass range is also more imprecise. If you always want to have good sound, you should replace the power amplifier tubes from time to time. This does not have to be the same make, but a EL34 should be exchanged for a EL34.

You should use only matched tubes in an tube amplifier and if you replace tubes you should change all the power tubes at the same time. Matched tubes are tubes with the same values. Tubes deviate from the values much more than semiconductor components.

Therefore, one should measure each individual tube and write down the values. Then the tubes of the same values are combined, that is called matching.

In tube amplifiers, one tube usually amplifies the upper half-wave and the other tube the lower half-wave of the little AC voltage signal. If you have an amp with more than 50 watts, several pairs of tubes are used. If you do not use measured tubes, the power amp tubes work unbalanced. The current of individual tubes can rise too much, so that they overheat, the tubes can go defective, the anode resistor can burn through. Furthermore, the Output transformer can say goodbye... etc.

Whoever uses matched tubes does not risk.

The El 34 tubes purchased from us are measured by JJ electronic and then a second time tested and measured again by us, so that you can be sure that our tubes are of the best quality and are guaranteed to work and sound very good.

Each El 34 tube has the technical values, so you can buy only one tube without having to replace all of them. This only works if the tubes are not too old, because over time the values of the tubes change and then a new tube would no longer fit.

If you want to replace power amplifier tubes, you should normally set the bias current for these tubes new. The current can be determined by means of a bias meter and then set the appropriate current for this tube in the amplifier.

Do you want to replace power amplifier tubes and you don´t have such a measuring device?

No problem.

You can send us your old tubes and we will measure them and then we send you the appropriate new tubes. Then they just have to be replaced.

This only works if the amplifier has worked properly before. If the tubes were broken due to incorrect bias settings, you have to go to the specialist and have the new tubes adjusted. Many of them exchange the power tubes without measuring, which works of course, too. In most cases this will also be good, but we cannot recommend this and do not guarantee it.

Because measuring and setting the new bias is the right way.

Typical values of a JJ El 34:

  • Power max 25W
  • Heating voltage 6,3 V
  • Heating current 1,5 A
  • Anode Voltage 250 V
  • Grid 1 -10 to -13,5 V
  • Grid 2 265 V
  • Grid 3 0 V
  • Anode current 100 mA

RoHS compliant

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