JJ EL 34 Quartett Power Tubes matched

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EL 34 JJ Quartett Power Tubes matched

You will get 4 power tubes where all tubes have the same values. That means matched.

The EL34 from JJ Electronic is a very robust and outstanding power tube from Europe. The JJ EL 34 is made in Slovakia and is one of the best power tubes you can get.

It can be used for both guitar and hifi amplifiers.

The JJ EL34 gives a balanced sound with clean highs, punch in the middle and powerful bass.

It is suitable as a spare part for every EL34, regardless of which manufacturer.

Typical values of a JJ EL34:

Power max 25W
Heating voltage 6,3 V
Heating current 1,5 A
Anode Voltage 250 V
Grid 1 -10 to -13,5 V

Grid 2 265 V

Grid 3 0 V
Anode current 100 mA

RoHS compliant

We offer power tubes also as selected, duet or octett.

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