Elko  Double 100 + 100 mF radial electrolytic cap 500 Volt

Elko Double 100 + 100 mF radial electrolytic cap 500 Volt

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Double Elko 100 + 100 mF radial electrolytic cap 500 Volt

Two electrolytic capacitors with 2x 100 mF and 500 Volt are installed in one housing.

The two negative terminals were put together. The high load capacity of 500 V is ideal for the use in tube amplifiers wherever there are high voltages.

The 100 + 100 µF electrolytic capacitor has the same design as the capacitors in the old Marshall, Orange and Hiwatt legends, making it an ideal spare part for restorations.

With a matching ring clamp, which of course we also have in the program, the cap can be attached.

When should an electrolytic cap be replaced?

An capacitor should be replaced in good time as the electrolyte of the cap dries up during the years. The heat of the power amplifier tubes makes the drying process even faster. In order to avoid major defects, it is necessary to replace the caps, because we want to get the old legendary guitar amp yes.

Double capacitor. Ideal for restoration of old amplifier legends.

  • Design can radial
  • Capacity 100 + 100 µF (mf)
  • Voltage 500 Volt
  • Temperature 85 °C
  • Dimensions 90 x 35 mm connections inclusive
  • Mounting by ring clamp

RoHS compliant

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