Electrolytic capacitor 2 x 22 µF radial cap 2x22 mF

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2 x 22 µF radial cap 2x22 mF Electrolytic capacitor

This capacitor has two electrolyte capacitors installed in one housing, the negative pole is jointly executed. The cap has a capacity of 2x 22 µF and a voltage of 500 V. Its high voltage strength makes it ideal for use in tube amplifiers. Due to the large design it is the ideal spare part for old guitar amplifiers, thus the optics remain absolutely intact.

The capacitor can be mounted with a ring clamp, which can of course also be purchased from us in a suitable size.

Unfortunately, these electrolytic capacitors dry out over time, because a tube amplifier produces a lot of heat through the power amplifier tubes. Before the dried-up old capacitors cause larger defects in a tube amplifier, they should be replaced in good time.

  • Design radial can
  • Capacity 22 + 22 mF
  • Voltage 500 Volt
  • Temperature 85 °C
  • Dimensions 90 x 35 mm connections included
  • Mounting by ring clamp

RoHS compliant

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