Cat toy bird with rattle ball

Cat toy bird with rattle ball

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Cat toy bird with rattle ball

Crocheted bird handmade with love in different colors with rattle ball available.

The little bird was made with cotton thread and filled with organic cotton wool. Since cats like to have their toys in their mouths, the risk of harmful substances in the materials and any parts that could be swallowed is avoided. The cute bird as a cat toy offers a change from known toys due to its crocheted structure and can be picked up very easily with the teeth, so that the small predators can easily transport their cat toy in their mouth.

Depending on how you want to play with your cat, you can attach or remove the bird to a cat rod (not included in the delivery) at any time.

The cat toy is hand washable, no dryer.

Dimensions bird: Length: approx. 15cm / width: approx. 10.5cm

The delivery includes 1 bird.

VAT included: 0% *** VAT exempt according to §19 UStG ***