4x tube shields for ECC81, 82, 83, 12AX7

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4 * tube shields for ECC81, 82, 83, 12AX7 and similar

What do you need a tube shield for?

Very small signals are amplified in a preamp tube. A pre-stage tube is never safe from interferences. Therefore it is advisable to equip all pre amp tubes with tube shields, but above all the first amplifier tube v1.

There are no tube shields for power amplifier tubes. They become so hot and could not get away the heat with a shield around them and would break.

The most common of all the tube-shields is the silver one. We offer the screening cups in several colours. In red, yellow, blue and black. This makes the amp look even more noble.

Our tube shields are suitable for all pre-stage tubes that have the size of a ECC81, 82, 83, 12AX7.

Suitable for noval sockets

Height 55mm

In four different colors

4 bases and 4 shield each

The tube shields are always available in sets of 4 pieces.

RoHS compliant

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