2x 50 µF electrolytic capacitor radial 2x 50 mF cap 500 V

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50 + 50 µF electrolytic capacitor radial 2x 50 mF cap 500 V

Here two electrolytic capacitors with 2x 50 ΜF and 500 V are housed in one housing and the negative pole of both capacitors was placed together on one connection. Due to the high voltage resistance, it is designed for tube amplifiers, where high voltages always concern. The design is identical to the capacitors of the old Marshall, Hiwatt and Orange models, so that the optics will be preserved if you want to restore the amp.

The 50 + 50 mF cap can be mounted with the help of a ring clamp, which you can also buy here.

The power amplifier tubes produce a lot of heat. This leads to the drying out of the capacitors. You should replace the capacitors in good time, because otherwise a defective capacitor can cause much larger defects in a tube amplifier, so that the repair will be much more expensive or even not worth it any more.

Double electrolytic cap. Ideal for restoration of old amplifier legends

  • Design can radial
  • Capacity 50 + 50 µF
  • Voltage 500 Volt
  • Temperature 85 °C
  • Dimensions 90 x 35 mm including the connections
  • Mounting by ring clamp

RoHS compliant

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